Pastor Don & Deborah Metcalf

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                     Don & Deborah Metcalf
Pastor Don and Deborah first met while attending International Bible College in San Antonio Texas.

Born in Chattanooga Tennessee, Pastor Don grew up in the ministry.  The Metcalfs traveled, held revivals, and sang for Pentecostal churches all across America.  Pastor Deborah (Chavers) grew up in Southern Louisiana and finished High School in South Carolina. Her family was also highly involved in ministry.  Her father, Arthur Chavers was a Pastor as were many of his siblings.

Pastor Don and Deborah first met while attending International Bible College in San Antonio Texas. They have been married for 38 years. They are joined in ministry by two daughters, Jennifer a graduate of IBC, and Angela a graduate of Portland Bible College.

Pastor Don and Deborah ministered for several years to the addicted community in Ft. Lauderdale FL. They served as counselors and later as the director of Faith Farm Ministries Ft. Lauderdale.

In 1983 the Metcalf family moved from Florida to Southern California and partnered with Rev. Art Hughes. Together they pioneered a new church. Several years later Grace Fellowship merged with Messenger Temple and in time became Desert Reign Assembly of God.  Don and Deborah have been the lead pastors of this dynamic and evolving congregation for 30 years.

So Broken Yet So Blessed!

Hope for Those Whose Lives Have Been Dropped and Broken!

by Don Metcalf

Pastor Don’s life message is, “If God can use me, He can use anyone.” The fascinating testimony of His life is in a small book he authored entitled “So Broken Yet So Blessed”

Many people can relate to the problems of a less-than-perfect childhood. In some way, many of us were dropped and broken by our parents or —those responsible for our care. Divorce, financial pressures, addictive behaviors, and the effects of sin caused them to lose their grip and send their children falling.

Pastor Don Metcalf knows what it is to be dropped and broken. Before the age of 15, he had already lived in over 80 homes. A broken family, the lack of education, the death of his brother, partial blindness, and the pain of a genetic eye defect all added to his brokenness. But Don’s Heavenly Father was there to pick up the pieces, restore his hope, and fulfill his dreams.

Pastor Don uses the biblical story of Mephibosheth to offer hope and inspire faith in his readers. Mephibosheth was dropped and broken. He was maimed and made lame, not because of his own sins or mistakes, but because he was a casualty of a war with which he had nothing to do. The grace and kindness of King David sought Mephibosheth out for blessing and restoration. And the Son of David, Jesus Christ, does the same thing for the dropped and broken today!