Core Values



1. Worship-Loving God


2. Relationships-Loving people


3. Soul-Winning


4. Equipping people into Discipleship, Maturity, and Leadership


5. Restoration Addressing Specific Problems or Addictions in specific ways, and Building Strong Families



Vision of the House:

God’s Word teaches us that we should always be growing in four areas of our walk with the Lord. Those areas are WORSHIP, CARE, PRAYER, and EVANGELISM.



Worship: When it comes to worshiping Jesus, we want to be Biblical balanced, free and expressive. A     true worshiper both possesses and expresses their love for Jesus without timidity or embarrassment.


Care: Care is “love with gloves on.” Saying I love you is easier than walking it out. Going the extra mile is “being there” for others. Care is the area people expect the most from a church. However, the needs of a community is not a one-man mission. The church body as a whole must reach out and touch others. Care takes an army. God calls all believers to decide whether they will be full of love or full of themselves. Love in action speaks very loud to the unbeliever.


Prayer: Our prayer life is learning to take things to God and trust Him. Prayer is invading the impossible. It is ruling over circumstances with the Word. It is exercising our authority as believers. It is ever-increasing faith through daily practice. “Give us this day our daily bread.”


Evangelism: Evangelism is sharing the good news. “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.” Each of us are to be growing in our effectiveness of sharing the gospel. Those who die without Christ are lost in eternity. Our mission is to tell them the wonderful story of how Christ died for them and paid the penalty for all of our sins. The skill, courage, and timing in sharing the gospel must be cultivated, not placed on a back burner as though nothing matters. People are lost until they are found, and “How shall they believe except they be told.”


This is the VISION OF THE HOUSE for Desert Reign Assembly of God. Success to you and success to the Kingdom, Pastor Don and Deborah Metcalf.